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The Compression ES is a full-size LSO brace that immobilizes the patient from the sacrococcygeal junction through the scapular plane with a large anterior panel that extends from the symphysis pubis to xyphoid and from midline to midline. The front panel provides a hydrostatic lift to help hold the weight of the abdomen, thus reducing load on the discs. (Sternal Kit also available for thoracic extension.)

Examples of Use:

? Degenerative disc disease

? Herniated discs

? Mechanical lower and midback pain

? Multi-level injuries

?ÿ Post-surgical stabilization

? Spondylolisthesis

? Spondylosis

Available in Sizes:

SMÿ |ÿ MDÿ |ÿ LGÿ |ÿ XLÿ |ÿ 2XL


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