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Sergius Industries is a “disabled” veteran-owned business that strives to provide the needed products and support for both Commercial and Federal entities.  By having access to numerous Commercial products we are able to supply customers such as the U.S Department of Defense (DoD), VA facilities and other government agencies.

In addition to Federal logistics we offer a wide range of Prosthetic and Orthotic products to Commercial buyers in order to help others get the products they need to live an active and full life.

Contracting Information

Sergius provides our Federal customers direct access to our products and services as a certified SDVOSB.

  • EIN:        81-0703094
  • DUNS:   080123364
  • CAGE:   7JQ02

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Providing advanced Seal-In technology for a wider range of users, Iceross Seal-In X is easier to invert and don, even for less active users who may have hand dexterity issues.

The sleeveless design features a separate seal ring, which can be flexibly positioned for optimum suction regardless of limb shape. It can also be moved as necessary throughout the day for added comfort. Special seamless fabric elongates appropriately over the patella for knee flexion, while the soft, yet durable silicone blend helps nurture potentially fragile skin.

The seal-ring offering provides three different options:

X-Classic – the classic day-to-day seal
X-Grip – for good rotational control
X-Volume – accommodates more volume reduction

The modular nature of the product makes selection easier, enhancing inventory control. Seal rings can also be renewed as required, without the need for a new liner

Seal-In X technology is ideal for use with Ossur’s Unity vacuum system.

Returns & Delivery
Returns and Exchanges
There are a few important things to keep in mind when returning a product you purchased.You can return unwanted items by post within 7 working days of receipt of your goods.
  • You have 14 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it.
  • Only items that have been purchased directly from Us.
  • Please ensure that the item you are returning is repackaged with all elements.
Ship your item back to Us
Firstly Print and return this Returns Form to: 30 South Park Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA Please remember to ensure that the item you are returning is repackaged with all elements. For more information, view our full Returns and Exchanges information.

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The Iceross Seal-In X5 transfemoral liner is the first liner of its kind with five integrated seals that deliver the most comfortable and secure suspension to date. Its airtight fit is thanks to the flexible silicone suction suspension system, and its minimized pistoning and enhanced rotational control allows patients to...
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Double the effect, with superb stability and comfort. The Iceross Synergy Cushion liner incorporates a unique combination of two different silicone durometers to provide the perfect balance of comfort and stability. A firm silicone outer layer provides outstanding stability for active use, while a softer shock-absorbing inner layer nurtures the...
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Iceross Seal-In V features the latest Seal-In membrane for the best in-socket seal technology available today. Based on the Iceross Cushion profile, Iceross Seal-In V has a soft distal end for close fit and comfort. Iceross Seal-In V is available with the seal in two different locations, Standard and High...
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Iceross Pads are made from Ossur’s proprietary Sensil medical-grade silicone gel to provide softness that ensures cushioning and pressure relief in highly loaded areas. The unique semi-liquid qualities of Sensil also make the Iceross Pads ideal as fillers for deep voids and scarred residual limbs. One or more can be...
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The Iceross Sleeve generates good suction, more security and less resistance at the knee. Ossur took the Wave technology to the next level when developing the Iceross Sleeve. The Wave feature makes the liner easier to flex at the knee, allowing it to adapt more to the users movements. Less...
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Iceross Comfort is designed with Ossur’s Sensil silicone and a nylon fabric cover. Iceross Comfort is an exceptional liner for residual limbs with bony prominences prone to pressure peaks, and/or conical residual limbs. Ossur recommends that Iceross Comfort Cushion Liner is used in conjunction with the Iceross Sleeve and Icelock...
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The supreme cushion liner for active users with optimal cushioning, comfort and maximum stability. The Iceross Activa with TibiaGuard is manufactured with revolutionary techniques that combine different types of silicone to meet the challenging requirements of highly active transtibial users. The integrated TibiaGuard provides optimal cushioning while a thinner, stiffer...
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The ultimate suspension liner for active people. For active amputees that experience greater stress on the residual limb and require additional stability and intimacy of fit. Iceross Sport features a unique double-layer silicone design and an Advanced Rotation Control System that together provide effective shock-absorption and rotational stability. Unlike other...
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The Iceross Upper-X liner is a comfortable liner with an excellent suspension method for upper-extremity amputees. Unlike other current methods of suspension, Iceross Upper-X eliminates the need for straps and belts and has an ultra-thin, pliable profile that provides more user comfort and increased limb sensation. Superb suspension is obtained...
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Iceross Dermo Cushion liner is made with the softest silicone that actively cares for the skin. This liner provides superb softness, gentle skin contact and Ossur’s unique Active Skin Care ingredients. The combination of DermoGel silicone with an ultra-strong and elastic Supplex fabric cover offers excellent durability and an intimate...
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