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Adaptskin is specifically formulated for individuals faced with limb loss.  It is all natural and safe for every skin type.  This product contains clinically proven moisturizers in a non-water based formula that melts onto the skin penetrating cell layers forming a waterproof barrier to provide long term protection and conditioning.

Adaptskin 50 available in either a convenient 4oz squeeze tube or user-friendly 4oz jar. Both styles are packed with the Adaptskin 50 concentrated formulation giving users months of skin health and comfort.

Adaptskin 50 is a medium viscosity skin conditioner formulated for everyday use. Typically used as a daily skin protectant from irritation, heat rash, abrasion, rubbing, chaffing, and dry skin. Safe for all skin types, natural, hypoallergenic, and contains no synthetic preservatives.

• Skin irritation, heat rash, abrasion, rubbing, chaffing, and dry skin
• Skin problems (Folliculitis, Erysipelas, Cellulitis, Boils, and infections) related to poor air circulation, trapped perspiration, or incontinence,
• Skin breakdown due to blistering, stretching, high friction, and rubbing.

Key Ingredients:

Purified Medical Grade Lanolin, USP White Petrolatum, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Lemon Oil, Cyclomethicone

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