About Sergius Industries

Sergius Industries is a “disabled” veteran-owned business that strives to bring innovative prosthetic devices and products to improve the lives of amputees and anyone with injuries and “disabilities’. With the founder being an amputee, we understand the unique challenges that amputees and amputee caregivers face.

Where Does Sergius Come From?

Marcus Sergius “Sir-guy-us” , was a Roman General during the Second Punic wars around 218-201 BC.  During a battle his hand was cut off, but instead of quitting, he fashioned a prosthetic to hold his shield and continue fighting.  We strive to bring the same determination and perseverance into the products we develop and the training we offer.



Services We Provide

Sergius Training Sergius Training brings 5 years’ experience in the use of prosthetics and the effects of amputation. Through continued research into new technology and amputation practices, we can offer very relevant tools and aids for amputees. Some of the services we offer include: • Online Videos • In Person Training on Walking and Use …

Amputee Repair Kit

You may know or even be related to someone who has to use a prosthetic device, or you may be a prosthetic user yourself. What you may not know is that there is a large responsibility on the user to maintain the prosthetic limb as well as the residual limb. This maintenance includes adjusting or tightening the prosthetic to ensure more comfort and safety as well as caring for the skin that the prosthetic goes on. Up until now an amputee would have to purchase individual items for each type of maintenance or repair.

We have developed the ARK (Amputee Repair Kit) to provide all the necessary items an amputee would need to care for prosthetic and residual limbs. This kit comes in three different sizes (Home, Vehicle, Travel) so no matter where you are the kit is close by. No longer will you be stuck in your house or vehicle because your prosthetic came apart, or unable to enjoy a vacation because your limb is injured due to improper care. All the items contained in the kits are high quality products specifically chosen by amputees as items they use on a regular basis which cuts out having to research the best products. Take a look and see which ARK fits your needs or the needs of someone you know!