About Sergius Industries

Sergius Industries is a “disabled” veteran-owned business that strives to provide the needed products and support for both Commercial and Federal entities.  By having access to numerous Commercial products we are able to supply customers such as the U.S Department of Defense (DoD), VA facilities and other government agencies.

In addition to Federal logistics we offer a wide range of Prosthetic and Orthotic products to Commercial buyers in order to help others get the products they need to live an active and full life.

Where Does Sergius Come From?

Marcus Sergius “Sir-guy-us” , was a Roman General during the Second Punic wars around 218-201 BC.  During a battle his hand was cut off, but instead of quitting, he fashioned a prosthetic to hold his shield and continue fighting.  We strive to bring the same determination and perseverance into the products we develop and the training we offer.


Contracting Information

Sergius provides our Federal customers direct access to our products and services as a certified SDVOSB.

EIN:        81-0703094

DUNS:   080123364

CAGE:   7JQ02


If you do not see what you are looking for please ask us about it.  We may be able to find it for you at a cheaper price!

Or give us a call at (888)526-9353