Sergius PQR-15


Right now in order for an amputee to change from their normal walking leg to say a running leg or snowboard leg, is to completely remove the socket and don a completely separate socket with that desired leg. This takes a significant amount of time and effort.

Our first device is the Prosthetic Quick Release. This device is designed to take the place of commonly used prosthetic parts. Therefore attaching them will not be difficult for a prosthetist or the even the amputee. One key part about it is that it is for one handed operation. There are many veterans and civilians who have lost arms or the use of a hand that would limit them from using a device that requires two hands.

This device is also very easy to repair. It can all come apart so that any individual piece can be taken out and replaced. The size and weight has been reduced so that it will not be adding un-needed weight to the prosthesis and it will not push the knee too far from the socket.

PQR-15 render2

PATENT #: 9,693,884