About Sergius Industries

Sergius Industries LLC

Our Founder

My name is Jed Morgan. Founder and owner of Sergius Industries. I am a combat Marine veteran. My goal is to provide top of the line products that can top competitors through innovation. Being an amputee myself I believe I can provide better products by being able to test them myself and find issues with the products already out there.

Our Approach

Sergius Industries is a certified SDVOSB and strives to bring innovative prosthetic devices and products that will make amputees lives easier and more comfortable.

By finding issues that amputees face daily, we can put together innovative ideas and turn them into tangible products. We do not have the facilities or equipment to manufacture finished products, but by working with local shops we can make these ideas reality.

About the Name "Sergius"

Marcus Sergius was a Roman General around 200 BC. His hand was cut off during battle but, instead of quitting he crafted a makeshift prosthetic so he could still hold onto his shield and continue fighting. That is undeniably awesome and we want to have that same, persevering attitude he had when it comes to our products.

Read more about the first documented user of a prosthetic hand here.

SDVOSB Cage: 7JQ02
DUNS: 080123364